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An update and an apology

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An update and an apology

Author Notes:

The Narrator 10/5/2018, 1:21 PM edit delete
Well, I have some news which you probably guessed.

Yes, I am alive. I'm sorry for abandoning this project, I made it clear to a few that it was not likely to return, but I only realized today that I had never posted about it.

So, let me put it to rest once and for all. The Narrative will never return in this form. This is not because I didn't love the story, or that I didn't put a lot of work into it, but that my skills at the time of writing it were not at the level where I could pull off what I had wanted to.

The Narrative was not what I had led it on to be.
I had secretly held plans to have it be three short stories which jumped back and forth in completely separate worlds, which would be connected through The Narrator, the primary antagonist. As you can see in the banner, I had already designed all the characters, as well as I had planned what would happen, down to the chapter.

But as it so often happens in life, people change. I was never satisfied with many of my story threads, and so when it came time to make Chapter 2 and I had made the idiotic decision to make it a text-based adventure game with only a few comic sections. It would combine two of my passions, but I was a little over-ambitious, to say the least.

I actually made most of the game, but when it came time to playtest and draw the art, I lost interest quickly. It was just not good. And I never got back to it, I moved on with other projects.


So, a few years later, what am I here for? To give closure? Sort of. I always hate it when I reach this type of panel in a comic and the author says "this is it."

But it's not it. Because The Narrative has a spiritual successor. I started writing this book, called The Library of Powers, around a year ago. And I promised myself this would be the one.

It's slow going, but I've stuck with it (unlike this project, unfortunately). It's around 35,000 words at the moment and will be a full novel length by the end.

Why is it similar to The Narrative? Well, I'll admit a lot of the names are lifted directly from it. It's set in a city with the same name, with a lot of characters with the same name. These characters have very little in common, I'm just bad at coming up with names. There is one character though, who is eerily similar to a specific character in this comic. He hasn't appeared yet in the book, but was mentioned in the very first chapter. Maybe you can figure out who it is?

If you're interested at all in watching my work continue, you can read the book here: click this link!

Yes, I know Wattpad sucks, I'm just using it for the cross-platform writing.

If I start any more projects, I now promise to post them here. It's the least I can do for letting you down.

The Narrator.
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